How do our laces fit?

Gold Star Laces® original laces are 38 inches long and are ideal for little kid sneakers and shoes with 4-5 pairs of eyelets.

Our 48 inch laces (available in the Blue Shark, Purple Flamingo, and Black Polar Bear) are designed for both little and big kid shoes, sneakers, and boots with 6-7 pairs of eyelets.

An “eyelet” is the hole found on a shoe that is used to thread the lace.  The number of “eyelets” found on pair of trainers, boots, or shoes will vary depending on the type of shoe.  “Eyelets” are counted in pairs.  Determining the number of pairs can be done by counting the number of eyelets down one side of the shoe.

Keep in mind that shoes have different sized eyelets.  Some smaller than others.  Gold Star Laces were designed with unique gold aglets that may require additional pressure when laced through shoes with smaller sized eyelets.  Some pairs of children's Vans and Dr. Martens have metal eyelets that are too small for the aglets to go through.  If you have any concerns please email prior to ordering.

Please, please, check your number of eyelet pairs prior to ordering.  We want to ensure the correct sizing with your initial order.

For specific sizing questions please contact us via email at: